The WorkHealthy Hospitals web platform (WHH) is a tool designed to help employers assess the extent to which they are implementing evidence-based best practices for effective wellness programs.

Questions used in the WHH survey tool were developed based on topics and content identified in several other evidence-based best-practice wellness program assessment instruments, including the CDC Worksite Health Scorecard, the HERO Employee Health Management Best Practices Scorecard, other national surveys assessing workplace health and wellness attributes, and findings from relevant research studies.

The weightings and scoring of the WHH item responses are based on scientific evidence of the relative impact of each wellness program attribute on the program's effectiveness in achieving positive outcomes related to maintaining optimal wellness, reducing health risks, managing chronic conditions, and avoiding unnecessary health care utilization and cost.

The instrument and scorecard have been field-tested for validity and reliability using an expert panel and a sample of small and medium-sized worksites from a variety of industries. The WAA will be continuously reviewed and revised as new evidence on best practices and outcomes for worksite wellness programs is reported in the research literature.